Our Work

What we do

We bring people from all walks of life together with volunteers from the local community to grow organic food in a way that is sustainable and supportive of the local ecosystem. We do this by applying the principles of permanent agriculture (permaculture). Permaculture is guided by the ethics of people care, earth care and a fair share for all beings.

We are building a nurturing and supportive growing community that we have opened up to the local refugee and migrant community. We offer a safe welcoming space to anyone where they can meet new people, forge new friendships and share their skills, stories and ideas.

We are always expanding our offering to include other opportunities to help people not just to stay healthy but to live energised vital lives, physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. The focus is always to help deepen our connections with our bodies, thoughts and emotions, to dwell fully in the present moment and recognize the value of our connection to each other and our entire ecosystem. This paradigm shift in our awareness of interbeing is the foundation from which we can build a truly sustainable way of being on this earth.

Please find a copy of our latest Annual Report and Accounts for 2022-23.

For all our past reports please see below:

Our Mission

To create spaces that allow for the sharing of skills, knowledge and ideas, along with the experience of connection, purpose and integration with all beings.

Our Values


(for ourselves, each other and the natural world)


(with our entire being, each other and the natural world)


(physical, mental, spiritual and ecological)

Our Activities

  • Growing, harvesting and cooking sessions with the refugee and migrant community
  • Nutrition and healthy living days with young people from low income backgrounds who have dietary and health issues
  • General volunteering days where people can learn about organic food growing, sustainable agriculture, traditional crafts and woodwork, nutrition, nature connection and wellbeing
  • Organic food donations to the local refugee food bank of food grown on the project
  • Public open days for anyone to learn more about the work we are doing and that of our project partners and where they can meet volunteers and project participants as well as buy local organic produce from the garden
  • Workshops on specific projects e.g building a cob oven or making seed tables, bird houses, bug hotels and other simple craft projects that promote sustainable living
  • Meditation and nature connection workshops to help people enjoy the eco therapeutic benefits from the time they spend in nature

Our Partners

To help us successfully carry out all of the work above, we continue to work closely with the following organisations.